Artificial Intelligence Surveillance Cameras


The future of unwavering security is here! A world where CCTVs can track a large number of people. An era where culprits can be digitally tailed around a city by uploading their mugshot into a database. Or a biased algorithm running on the cameras in the bank, pinging the cops when someone is suspicious. The possibility is here where you can combine artificial intelligence with surveillance.

Organizations use AI to analyze what is going on in video feeds and makes it searchable immediately. AI recognizes thousands of typical language queries which allow users to search footage for clips to show the entire result of a particular query.

AI and CCTV is the best technology delivering highest standard of security that any business can trust, whether small or large. It is a technology that teaches you beyond just your camera. Searching an occurrence is easy by just typing in a set of keywords with results in less than a few seconds. This saves you the time of sifting through hours and hours of video.


With AI, you can search any footage from any CCTV system using cloud systems. It works excellently with a single camera system up to enterprise, with a matrix of thousands of cameras. While AI surveillance appeal to businesses of all sizes, it’s also ideal to individual consumers - from keeping an eye on your nanny to monitoring your workforce.

Face recognition is one of the best features of AI cameras, it analyzes the the end user’s face and learn any changes that might have occur. Face recognition has become the de-facto authentication method for biometric applications. It is accompanied by deep-sensing sensors, a safety technology level that meets the expectations of top-notch security applications and settings, such as in banking. A large number of individuals and organizations are beginning to adopt and implement AI technology in CCTV.